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(Knox County Annex Building)
121 S. Prairie St., Suite 1
Galesburg, IL 61401

Phone 309-345-3845 / Fax 309-343-0063
Office Hours:   8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
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-Chief County Assessment Officer-  CHRIS GRAY, CIAO

-Chief Deputy Assessor-  Mary Christie
-Deputy Assessor-  Suzie Foster
-Deputy Assessor-  Mary Beasley

The Property Tax Code states that each property shall be assessed at 33 1/3% of “Fair Cash Value” (i.e. a fair cash value of 120,000 x .3333 of /3 = 40,000 assessed value).  Fair Cash Value is defined as; the amount for which a property can be sold in the due course of business and trade, not under duress, between a willing buyer and willing seller.  The date of valuation is January 1 of each year. Illinois law requires the assessor to update values at least once every four years.  Our goals are to determine an accurate market value estimate of property, and to assure that similar properties have similar assessments.If you own and occupy (legal residence) you may be eligible for exemptions to that property.


County Of Knox, Illinois
200 S. Cherry St. Galesburg, IL 61401

(309)-343-3121 •